2016 Australian / New Zealand vExperts

The list of 2016 vExperts was officially announced by VMware. This year sees a total of 1374 people awarded the title of vExpert. Australia / New Zealand represent 4.2% of the total vExpert numbers.

This year the vExpert nomination form asked for your country, so lets hope VMware publish that info. So for now, this is a list of names we recognise as from Australia or New Zealand.

This year sees the number of locals grow to 58, up from 48 last year. There was quite a few that made it onto the 2015 second half year announcement.

Melbourne still leads, up 3 from last year, even though 3 people weren’t renewed from last year, which means there were 5 people added from last year.

Canberra added their first during the mid year announcements last year, and they’ve added another since.

Sydney added 3 to their total from 2015, now up to 14.

Contrary to my previous comment about Brisbane, they snuck in 2 more this year.

Adelaide IS on the map. Amin Naserpourven (VCDX 188). He actually made the list last year.

The eastern island of Australia, also known as New Zealand, quietly gained 1, now up to 9.

There’s been a lot of noise from the guys in Perth, but that’s about it. No change from last year.

It’s great to see the community growing each year, and hope to catch up at vForum.

I’ve picked up a few errors in the previous vExpert blogs, so I might have to go back and update those ones. Stay tuned.

If you see anyone I’ve missed, let me know.

Name Last Twitter Region
David Barclay @davidbarclay99 Brisbane Adelaide 1
Nick Bowie @nickbowienz New Zealand Brisbane 7
Steven Bridle @virtuallyeuc Canberra Canberra 2
Luke Brown @luke_br Perth Melbourne 22
Andrew Brydon @sidbrydon Melbourne New Zealand 9
Andre Carpenter @andrecarpenter Melbourne Perth 3
Luis Concistre @luisconcistre Sydney Sydney 14
Alastair Cooke @DemitasseNZ New Zealand Grand Total 58
Andrew Dauncey @daunce_ Melbourne
Donovan Durand @donovanjd Melbourne
Mark Elliott @eggme1 New Zealand
Frank Fan @frankfan7 Melbourne
Andrew Firth Sydney
Michael Francis Brisbane
Dan Frith @penguinpunk Brisbane
Kevin Gorman @Kev_McCloud Melbourne
Matthew Healy @matt232h Melbourne
Boris Jelic @Boris_jelic Melbourne
Chris Jones @cpjones44 Melbourne
Steven Kang @ssbkang New Zealand
Pravesh Khanna @pravesh2012 Melbourne
Askar Kopbayev @Akopbayev Sydney
Sanit Kumar @sanitkumar New Zealand
Willy LEE Sydney
David Lloyd @davlloyd Sydney
David Manconi @dmanconi New Zealand
Will Mansfield @aussiewjm Sydney
Ryan McBride @RyanMcBride81 Sydney
Greg Mulholland @g_mulholland Melbourne
Niraj Naidu @mr_champy Sydney
Amin Naserpour @AminNaserpour Adelaide
Scott Norris @auscottnorris Canberra
Jeff O’Connor @JeffOConnorAU Sydney
Grant Orchard @grantorchard Sydney
Aaron Parker @stealthpuppy Melbourne
Clinton Prentice New Zealand
David Quinney @quinney_david Sydney
Jahnin Rajamoni @jahnin Sydney
Simon Sharwood @ssharwood Sydney
Keiran Shelden @Keiran_Shelden Brisbane
Manny Sidhu @MannySidhu2 Melbourne
Brett Sinclair @Pragmatic_IO Melbourne
Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri Perth
Arron Stebbing @ArronStebbing Melbourne
Tas Tareq @justonetaz Brisbane
Tyson Then Melbourne
Mark Ukotic @oringinaluko Melbourne
Rob Waite @rob_waite_oz Melbourne
Jon Waite @jondwaite New Zealand
Justin Warren @jpwarren Melbourne
Craig Waters @cswaters1 Melbourne
Michael Webster @vcdxnz001 New Zealand
Nathan Wheat @wheatcloud Melbourne
Shane White @ausvmguy Melbourne
Tim Williams @ymmit85 Perth
Jeff Wong @jumpyjw Sydney
Travis Wood @vTravWood Brisbane

A summary of the changes between 2015 & 2016:

Steven Bridle @virtuallyeuc Canberra
Kevin Gorman @Kev_McCloud Melbourne
Boris Jelic @Boris_jelic Melbourne
Chris Jones @cpjones44 Melbourne
Pravesh Khanna @pravesh2012 Melbourne
Askar Kopbayev @Akopbayev Sydney
Will Mansfield @aussiewjm Sydney
Tyson Then Melbourne
Travis Wood @vTravWood Brisbane
Clinton Prentice New Zealand
Willy LEE Sydney
Harsha Hosur @harsha_hour Melbourne
Josh Odgers @josh_odgers Melbourne
Shanon Olsson @sfolsson Melbourne

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