More Aussie vExperts / VCDX’s

Back in April, I did a post when VMware announced 754 vExperts for 2014. This week, 123 were named vExperts from the Q2 nominations.

That adds another 2 Aussie vExperts to the list; Tim Williams (@ymmit85) and Matthew Healy (@matt232h). By my count, we now have 24 vExperts in Australia.
Melbourne: 17
Brisbane: 4
Perth: 2
Sydney:1 (Nick Marshall moved to USA VMware HQ)

2014 APAC vExperts
Name Last Twitter Region
Alastair Cooke @DemitasseNZ New Zealand
Andre Carpenter @andrecarpenter Melbourne
Andrew Brydon @sidbrydon Melbourne
Andrew Dauncey @daunce_ Melbourne
Andrew Brydon @sidbrydon Melbourne
Anthony Burke @pandom_ Melbourne
Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri Perth
Arron Stebbing @ArronStebbing Melbourne
Benjamin Troch @virtualb_me Singapore
Chris Jones @cpjones44 Melbourne
Craig Waters @cswaters1 Melbourne
Dan Frith @penguinpunk Brisbane
David Manconi @dmanconi New Zealand
David Barclay @davidbarclay99 Brisbane
Faisal Rahman @frtamal
Frank Fan @frankfan7 Melbourne
Grant Orchard @grantorchard Melbourne
Greg Mulholland @g_mulholland Melbourne
Iwan Rahabok @e1_ang Singapore
Josh Odgers @josh_odgers Melbourne
Justin Warren @jpwarren Melbourne
Keiran Shelden @Keiran_Shelden Brisbane
Mandeepak Sidhu @MannySidhu2 Melbourne
Michael Webster @vcdxnz001 New Zealand
Nathan Wheat @wheatcloud Melbourne
Rob Waite @rob_waite_oz Melbourne
Ryan McBride @RyanMcBride81 Sydney
Shane White @ausvmguy Melbourne
Tas Tareq Brisbane
Tim Williams @ymmit85 Perth
vExpert 2014 Q3 nominations are open until September 2014. Nominate yourself, or someone that’s done a lot for the community. This is the last chance for 2014.


Also this week, the latest round of successful VCDX’s were announced, and that includes two from Melbourne. Congratulations VCDX-DV #135 Harsha Hosur (@harsha_hosur) and VCDX-DV #139 Andrew Brydon.(@sidbrydon).

Melbourne is definitely the virtualisation capital of Australia with 17 vExperts, and 6 VCDX’s. (10 VCDX’s in total across Australia). Although all throughout Australia there’s a great virtualisation community, which you’ll see at vForum plus a collaborative project coming soon….