Sit the IaaS exam for US$11

After reading the #vBrownBag IaaS study guide from @coolsport00, and exams being 75% off at VMworld, I decided to book the IaaS exam. The exam is usually US$225.
I booked it using the VMworld SF 75% discount code, and thought I’d be cheeky and try and apply the VMUG Advantage 20% discount as well. It worked!  It appears to do the 20% off the ORIGINAL price of the exam.

So at the checkout screen, it was saying the total cost would be US$11.25.

Wow. That’s a great discount.

If you’re going to VMworld, and have a VMUG advantage, give it a go. Let me know if it works for other exams at VMworld.

Slope info magic number check failed

While using Splunk I noticed 1 ESX host had a huge amount of logs compared with the others in that cluster. Looking into it, every hour there were about 23,000 entries for:

storageRM:  Slope info magic number check failed. On disk 0x0, expected 0x1df5e76.

There was only 1 hit on google from a twitter conversation with @northlandboy & @blomjoh asking if anyone knew what the error was.

I logged an SR for it. But magically the next day, the error stopped appearing in the logs.

The response from VMware Support:

Here is What I could find regarding this error.

A bug in storageRM sets the magic number to zero .Since this magic number is only used for internal data structure bookkeeping so if the reset is due to this bug then there is no affect on storageRM functions and the data is safe . If this error reoccurs frequently even after the reset then there could be a disk corruption.

Thank you for your response.We do have a workaround to stop these messages to occur – However this is not a tested solution.We do not have much information on this at this time,as we have seen this occur very few times and stopping randomly(like in your case) – We have not been able to collect much information and hence we do not have tested solution on this as yet.we do have a bug report filed for ths however.
The workaround outline is as follows –

To reset the magic number and stop the error from coming please following the instruction:
1. Increase storageRM log level on host where failure is seen —
vsish -e set /config/Misc/intOpts/SIOControlLoglevel 5
2. Wait for the error to show up
3. Disable storage I/O control on the datastore which exhibits this problem.
4. Stop storage I/O control on all hosts sharing the datastore
5. Run command /sbin/storageRM -R
* “-R” is a troubleshooting option hence it is not listed in the men page
* Example: “/sbin/storageRM -R /vmfs/volumes/FDLD_VMTEST0508.”
6. Start storage I/O control on all hosts
7. Enable storage I/O control on datastore.

The purpose of posting this workaround is for information only. As it says, “this is not a tested solution”. If you see this in your logs, log an SR with VMware.

2013 July Melbourne VMUG

The next Melbourne VMUG is on Wednesday 24th July.

Veeam will be there doing live demos and talking about the upcoming release of v7 of Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam has to be the most popular (and coolest) backup application.

VMware will be presenting vCAC – vCloud Automation Center. Going by the amount of submissions for VMworld on vCAC, this is going to be the next hottest thing VMware will be pushing.

There will be an awesome community presentation on vCenter Operations by Adam Selwood. He did a popular community presentation at the all day VMUG user conference in February this year.

Prizes Prizes Prizes!!  We’ll be giving away a VMware course of your choice and we have several books available.  There may also be a secret twitter giveaway, so be sure to follow @mvmug for more details.

Hang around for vBeers and mingle with the crowd. If you don’t know anyone, come and introduce yourself to the VMUG committee.

“How’s my driving?”.  We’re always after attendees feedback. Let us know what YOU are interested in. We are doing this for YOU. Want more VMware Press books given away? Want a question & answer session? Want more free VMUG caps? Or just ‘keep doing what you’re doing’. Let us know: twitter: @mvmug, email:

Register at the VMUG website –

Hope to see you there.